THESE ARE NOT COMPLETE ! ! ! ! ! Color Correction, cropping, lighting and placement of people are not done

We arrived in the afternoon which did not include a “daylight” scenario for us as the sun’s direction is best in the morning at this location so we took the opportunity to shoot twilight views while we were there which are usually additional cost. You may prefer daylight shot or shots. We can do this when we come back if you would like. Along with anything else you may need.

The second shot request description ( or arrow ) showed a closer shot of the facade, which did not make sense so we shot the entire side of the building ( not including the drive tru ) to direct the attention to the facade or bank of the building. It obviously can be shot to include the entire building.

Really nice design work !

SOME HAVE HAD EXTENSIVE WORK TO THEM others have had little done to them …When choices are made they will go thru the full processes. Thank you ! ! ! ! ! !