POND USC 1St Choices


This gallery represents the POSSIBLES for the USC project. The variety of images represent the locations we discussed getting photographs of at the USC Clinic. There are variations and different camera positions to choose from in some cases. We also have a few vignette images that show detail in areas of interest. These can have figures in them or not.

PLEASE remember that these images are in various stages of completion. Some have had a great deal done to them and others have had very little …… so we are looking for the images you want to license.

If you see ANYTHING that does not seem right ….. there is likely a good reason for it …. too many things to list here in a complete way but we can change virtually anything. Many images have multiple people in them because we always photograph as many people as we can and we can edit them in or out later .

We will need to substitute art in some of the rooms …… You will notice I have used one piece of art that happened to be there and we don’t want to see it in different rooms. I have a catalog of art I will substitute as we go ….. Some walls really need color and texture and it makes a huge difference in those rooms.If you want to change that we can.

Have a look at things and let me know what you think, also what questions you may have.

 Thank you …. what a great project !



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