The following images are from my scout trip to Indigo … a really great project. All of these images have been processed a bit. I thought they would help us to determine which areas and views you would like to photograph. Some of these are “place holders” for images that we would take from a different view or for areas we did not see while scouting. You may have others as well. This is meant as a starting place. Have a look and we can talk.

People will be the very important obviously, we can use the images to discuss where we need people & what kind of figures we need.

When doing a project like this I think it makes sense to perhaps follow a theme. Meaning - we can photograph the areas in a way that shows a milder level of activity. I don’t think it makes sense to show lots of people in any of these images ….. even the dining room would work with fewer people.

If we are able to bring in the owner of the property as a partner in this it will likely change what we are doing ….. they may want models shown at breakfast and food - more Lifestyle shots - we may want to decide what YOU need and want to do and then approach them with that concept. If they want different things I can contract with them differently. I would love to see us satisfy both at once. I don’t want to complicate what you need. You are my client.

Thank you



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