I did not get my first camera at the age of 2 and then begin to take amazing pictures every day until graduating from Rochester or the Brooks Institute. I did, however, notice at the age of 10 that when I took a photo of my customized bike it looked decidedly better from one angle than another . Something happened that day concerning the “image” and presentation of things.

I also remember having the ability to see things in multiple views and I began to draw. Draw everything- but mainly mechanical things .... like the motorcycles I saw when Richland Mall was a Mall here in Columbia and they had a spring bike show there.... You could meet the nicest girls on a Honda and that was also appealing. 

My mother was a “modernafile”-- she was from a small town in Georgia and by the time she moved to Atlanta she wanted no part of Rice beds and chandeliers. I grew up with ‘ma - Eames” ... some of the furniture you see in the photo here was in our home ... we inherited Drexel . Very cool.

My dad’s parents were born and raised in Sweden and my grandfather was a furniture-maker. My collected talents and interest manifested itself there in building furniture . I built period reproductions and modern design - build pieces. I learned the power and curse of being able to make almost “anything”. My Design Career included owning and working in a design based cabinetry and furniture business for many years.

Toward the end of my college days I realized I really wanted to be an Industrial Designer or Architect.  I also realized I was almost finished with college and knew I could not sit still any longer .... my hands called me to ‘make’...  . Years in the design/build furniture business and a love of imagery have led me here. I love design. I love showing the work and thoughtfulness in design by others.   modernafile is a word ... now. Thanks for reading.    Give us a call ....... 803 447 0250      gmatson@sc.rr.com