Whatever it takes .......

A commercial realtor called us again ( which is always great ) it means were doing something right. They had a property in Columbia they wanted to market for their client and they want to show what could be done with a wonderful older building "renovated" as a selling point .

What it means is taking photographs of the property and in some of them enhancing the photographs of the spaces to show a "before - after" scenario. We completed several shots and thru creative subtraction/addition we managed to show what the space could look like remodeled. 

They also wanted a twilight shot that would be dramatic and perhaps show the property in it's best  .... "light or lack of light" as is the case here. There are many processes to use to accomplish the task and one of those is to lock the camera down very firmly and then to take exposures at intervals that will allow proper exposure on different points on the subject. We then use specialized software to bring the pieces all back together for an amazing image that still looks " Natural ". It also allows us to de-emphasize the points that may not show the property in it's best light.

There is another process that is a "quick and dirty" way to do this but the images are rendered like those "velvet Elvis's" you used to see being sold by a van on the side of the road ... coming back from the beach in the '70's. Our  process is a hand process rather than a software "does it automatically" process. We don't do HDR "processed" images .... but we do like those Velvet Elvis's .

And some folks think it's  just about showing up with a camera .... someone once said, and I agree ... "it's not about the camera , stupid ".  Whatever it takes ...