How do you choose a photographer? Boy this should be interesting...... hmmm. Of course I am going to be biased but I'll try to be objective here.

I think the first item should be to evaluate the work. Then the style, the kind of person you will be working with "personality wise" and then the budget. OK - budget first ... are you getting what you paid for ? It's not the price you pay it's what you get for the price 'cause if you get 10 pictures instead of 3 photographs you didn't do very well. 

Hire a professional. Hire a specialist - don't ask a wedding photographer to shoot your 5 star food shots ... this is a general rule .. .there are exceptions .... your mileage may vary. I would NOT shoot a wedding, I have been asked and I paid the person not to ask me again. They are very different disciplines. In Design photography we continue our education in equipment and processes as well as different styles and techniques constantly. We attend National shows and also workshops by photographers working everywhere in the world who are willing to share their experience.

We subscribe to dozens of DESIGN Pubs. to keep up with trends and styles. For us it is about Design ... would you let any photographer re-arrange the furniture in your design ? It's necessary and they had better be good at it ... I am - my mom taught me how ... using Eames, Drexel, Knoll and others. She was the best ... our dad would come home from work and place his drink on air ..... where the cocktail table "was" when he left that morning for work.

If you hire us you will be hiring 30 years of design experience, 20 years of photographic experience ... ( they overlap ). And don't worry, we have been working with difficult people for a long time and we know and understand DESIGN and the "Design mindset". We also are "old school" in the people department "the customer is almost always right" and we are "new school" when it comes to equipment and processes. Yes, that was a "run-on" sentence but you get the point ... 

We like developing relationships with clients to help them show their design intent and present their work in the best possible .... "light" .... sorry.  Puntended. Call us to discuss a project or Heck ... call us to schedule something to shoot. We aren't happy with the completed project until you are.... and we are competitive. We love what we do .... to photograph Design and to design Photographs... Oh ! and we like that yellow one towards the top.