You always remember your First ....

I remember this New York excursion so well .... what an incredible trip. My wife and I had just returned from a whirlwind tour of places. 2001 was a great year. We had been to London - Paris ( no we did not see anyones privies ) .... Boston - Phoenix ... I had also just been to Sante Fe on another week long Architectural photographers workshop . 

Our trip was to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. We got up the next morning to grab a cab outside the hotel and there stood one of my best friends Clark Ellefson and a friend who were staying at the same hotel and were headed out to the ICFF together . Small world.

Oh !  I almost forgot the one of the best parts ...... this image is the one of the first images I shot with a digital camera. This is a little swivel body Nikon 990 ..... my first. I was still shooting professionally with what every AP shot with back then ... a 4x5 "one sheet at a time" view camera ... like the camera Matthew Brady shot the Civil War with .... almost. 

This camera was a preview to what we enjoy today .... it changed everything.