A FEW YEARS BACK WE COULD ONLY DREAM OF DRONES .... now you can buy them at TARGET. This is at Lexington County Rec center. The company that makes the Shade Sails saw our website and contacted us about photographing this installation.

They wanted drone ( type ) shots but they wanted very high quality images for enlargement at trade shows and high quality catalog pages. Well, the relative quality of a drone shot is no where close to a professional camera not in the sensor resolution nor the optical resolution. It takes 10K dollars to buy a drone capable of lifting and controlling a professional camera.

We decided to use a telescoping pole we built to get us up to 24 ft for these shots, With a wide angle lens we were able to get good High Quality photos. We have a drone but use it when we need low aerials and when the quality of the final image does not need to be as high.

Managing the 24' pole and the 10 ft ladder ... on steps no less ... and pulling the sail over to line up correctly in the frame left me with only my teeth to activate the shutter. Whatever it takes ......